Welcome to the website of the NVGP, the Dutch society for group dynamics and group psychotherapy.

The NVGP, founded in 1957, is originally a specialised group psychotherapy society committed to all forms of group treatment, ranging from trainings to group psychotherapy. Additionally, members of the NVGP have been getting involved with all kinds of group processes occurring outside of the Dutch Association of Mental Health (GGZ), such as the coaching of management teams, conflict management in the workplace or bullying in schools. The NVGP offers acknowledged training courses to become a ’group therapist NVGP’ or a ’specialised group psychotherapist NVGP’.

Through study days, workshops, research and publications the NVGP qualitatively monitors and advances the field of group dynamics and group therapy.
The NVGP offers a variety of memberships. Are you not a psychologist, psychiatrist or sociotherapist, but still interested in becoming a member due to your activities with groups? You can view the membership options at how to become a member? Every membership comes with a subscription to Groepen, a magazine for group dynamics and group psychotherapy.

If you want to know more about the NVGP or cannot find what you are looking for on this website?
Please contact us through this contact form.

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